Marketing with Augmented Reality? Think “Story”.

April 24, 2020
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April 24, 2020 Rob Hanks

Marketing with Augmented Reality? Think “Story”.

Here’s how to get people to share branded AR experiences with all their friends and family on social media. 

New to Augmented Reality?

Put yourself in the end-users shoes. Don’t underestimate the impact of storytelling, the technology itself will not win over the consumer. 

People love stories and will engage with the AR experience to the very end – if it’s delivered properly.

The Key

The key to rolling out brand marketing using AR, is to think of the technology (exciting as it is) as a conduit (only) used to deliver your brand message.

How to start

Before every project sit down with a story-boarder and imagine out-loud – while they sketch out step by step moments of unique user inter-actions, onto long stretches of brown paper.

Engaging the team

The importance of immersing the developers (techies) is so important to the project quality, because launching into their (coding) work with a clear vision, delivers a far better level of user engagement. 

Get the animator to collate the brown-paper sketches to an illustration that Techie’s (love to) read. We use the comic strips, and our AR developers love them! 

Example for you

Attached below is 3 page Comic reduced wire-frame. Condensed into just a few pages, is enough to take an AR developer on a journey to better understand the end-user’s engagement. This is a standardized way to make sure everyone in the team is on the same page (pun), before they project gets underway. We create storyboards and comics for all our projects.

Real-world AR Project

This AR Project was completed for the ANZ, a Brand that sponsors kids’ national cricket across the country.

They wanted to reward young players who demonstrated great values on the pitch, by using technology that the younger generation relates. 

Project brief

  1. The Cricket coach gives the Most Valuable Player certificate to the most deserving player of the day.
  2. The certificate is used to trigger a Branded (AR) experience.
  3. The player is rewarded for their great sporting values by having their photo taken with their favorite Cricketing heroes.
  4. The successful player immediately shares their branded photo with (parent permission) all their friends and family by social media. 

The ANZ MVP App is available on the Google Playstore and Apple App store.

You need the MVP Certificate to trigger the unique player experience, or Contact me for more information.